Stirling Residences in Queenstown – District 3


Units are selling everyday…

👍3 min walk to Queenstown mrt station

👍spacious greenery n tranquil landscape within city living

👍near CBD/Biz Hubs – near tenant catchment areas

👍20 min drive to Orchard

👍choice of garden, city or even sea view even for smaller size units

👍value buy, excellent capital upside potential

*🌟 Best Price Guide 🌟*

1BR 441sqft fr $886k

1BR-S 506sqft fr $965K

2BR-C 657sqft fr $1,147K

2BR-P1 689sqft fr $1,237K

2BR-S 764sqft fr $1,394K

3BR-C 883 sqf fr $1,647K

3BR-U 980sqft fr $1,695K

3BR-P 1055sqft $1,822K

4BR 1346sqft fr $2,217K

4BR-PH2 1970sqft fr $3,318K

Make an appointment for an Exclusive Presentation – 93398781 Darilene Low, Developer Sales Team

Sales Hotline 93398781

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